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Acoustical Design

In spaces where auditory activities are vital such as concert hall, theatre, opera house, conference hall etc. , sound should  be transmitted from its source to the listener conformably  to the space’s function. Provision of the required necessities to an existent space or to make the architectural design considering acoustic point of view, in other words, acoustical design subject must be taken on as part of room acoustics which is a distinct area of specialization within the architecture.

Acoustical design is the process to form a space with good acoustical features by assessing required architectural form, material and application details which provide the sound to be heard inside the volume suitable to its function. Indoor spaces such as a concert hall, theatre,  sound recording studio etc. with different functions should have different acoustical features to each other and their acoustical designs should be done taking into consideration these different characteristics. 

MİTAG Ltd. Co., offers acoustical design service for different places where auditory function has priority, such as conference room, concert hall, theatre, opera, cinema hall, sound-music -TV-film studios, instrument rehearsal room, classroom, call centre, home theatre. Furthermore, acoustical amendment project and application services are also offered for the places such as open plan offices, restaurant, entertainment venue, hotel, hospital, library, mall, indoor sports hall/swimming pool, worship places, metro station where acoustical comfort looms large in which we take frequently place  in during everyday life.



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